The information on this page answers most commonly asked questions - all members and guests should read this information as it dispels a number of potential misconceptions.

Penrith City Archers Incorporated (PCA) are not affiliated with the Nepean Huntiers Club or Nepean Bow hunters.

Nepean Bow Hunters regularly hire PCA's Troy Adams Field Course from PCA for 3D shoots.

Penrith City Archers' Troy Adams Archery Complex comprises the Archery Field (Target Range), Field Course and Clout Ranges

Driving and Parking

  • There is a 10 km/hr speed limit on site and on the access route through The Colonial Golf Course. BE SAFE, DRIVE SLOWLY!
  • Park only in defined or delineated parking areas. Do not park in pedestrian areas, archery ranges or in a position that obscures archery activities: THINK SAFETY!
  • Hours of vehicular access are limited to the business hours of The Colonial Golf Course: the gates will be locked!

Can members of the public shoot at the Troy Adams Archery Complex?

No. All archers must have appropriate training and insurance - included in membership of Penrith City Archers (PCA). Furthermore, the facilities and target butts are built and maintained and purchased by PCA club members for the use of PCA club members.

Who owns the Troy Adams Archery Complex?

Penrith City Archers Incorporated, as a lessee of Penrith City Council, has legal possession of, and responsibility for the Troy Adams Archery Complex (target and clout ranges and the field course). It should be noted that, in general, archery is prohibited on Council controlled lands (e.g.: parks, reserves, playgrounds and sporting fields).

As a PCA member, can I practice at the Troy Adams Archery Complex?

Yes, PCA members who have completed the required training, may use all facilities and target butts (except for the Field Course) in daylight hours (though vehicular access may be limited by The Colonial Golf Course). Obviously, organised club events and maintenance activities will take precedence over practice. PCA members are required to display a current Archery Australia (AA) membership card.

As a member of Nepean Bow Hunters (NBH) or Nepean Hunters Club (NHC), can I practice at the Troy Adams Archery Complex?

With limitations, yes:


  • As a PCA courtesy, NBH and NHC members may use the target field only during daylight hours. The Field Course is STRICTLY OFF LIMITS outside NBH monthly meets (where NBH has priority on the Field Course). Vehicular access may be limited by The Colonial Golf Course.
  • NBH and NHC members must use their own targets and not PCA target butts.
  • PCA shooting conventions must be followed: shoot only from, or in-line with marked (white) shooting lines and only in a southerly direction (towards the railway).
  • All arrows must have target points. The use of broad heads or any non-target point is STRICTLY PROHIBITED within the Troy Adams Archery Complex.
  • NBH and NHC members must always be mindful of PCA activities and always give priority to PCA members.
  • The "Try Archery" area at western edge of the target field (towards the club house, with empty log butt frames) is an area not likely to be used by PCA members during weekdays and is a good area for NBH & NHC members to practice. In the afternoons, the clout ranges (extending from the carpark / pedestrian buffer along on the eastern side between the target field and tree line) are also less patronised by PCA members, though shooting should be from an imaginary line extending from the main shooting line - and be prepared to be asked to move...
  • NBH and NHC members must always display a current membership card.

As a member of another Archery Australia or Archery Alliance (3DAAA, ABA) affiliated archery club, can I practice at the Troy Adams Archery Complex?

As a PCA courtesy, yes, although you must first contact a PCA club official, and such practice cannot be on a regular basis. All visitors must display a current AA or association membership card and adhere to the same conditions as stated above for NBH & NHC members.

What can happen if these rules / conditions are not followed?

All illegal activity will be reported to law enforcement.

PCA has ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DANGEROUS OR RECKLESS BEHAVIOUR. The reputation and good standing of archers and archery in Australia and in our local community depends on all of us taking a reasonable, responsible and responsive approach to the practice of our sport!

Penrith City Archers is not required or obliged in any way to provide the privileges listed above. Any failure to comply with these minimal conditions may result in the revocation of these privileges at individual, club or association level.

More questions?

Ask TeamPCA at teampca@penrithcityarchers.com.au and a committee member will answer as soon as possible!