PCA Club History

In 1962, Jim Cotter, later a Master Archer, a member of the Fairfield Club, was instrunlental in founding the

Penrith Club. On 20th August, 1962 eight other interested people met with Jim Cotter in the School of Arts and

decided to form the Penrith City Archers. Office-bearers were elected and nomination and annual subscription

fees were set. These toxophilites, as archery participants are technically called, became the core of the Penrith City Archers Club, which has continued now for nearly forty years. The foundation president was John Inall and their first home ground was located in the south-east comer of Jamison Park. However, their concerns about the safety of other park users - who refused to stay outside the boundary ropes set up to keep them away from the shooting

area - caused them to move to a new venue.

In fact, the Penrith City Archers spent the first twenty-five years of their existence moving from venue to venue - seventeen in all - as they sought to obtain a permanent home ground. During that time they had constantly to rely on the goodwill oflandowners for safe areas to shoot in the open. For a while, they enjoyed an indoor shooting

range at the disused Colyton Jam Factory, a venue which was used by several groups at that time. Unfortunately, repeated vandal attacks rendered the factory unsafe, and after several accidents it was eventually closed to all users. Despite all these setbacks, the Club struggled to keep afloat, with no outside funding to help them. It wasn't till 1986 that they finally obtained their present Werrington premises.


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Troy Adams