Veterans' Archery League - Results

Veterans' Archery League

Penrith City Archers Veterans' Archery League (VAL) programme was established to support our gentle folk at the club.

The programme aims to keep people over the age of 60 active and engaged in regular structured activities.

More exciting than lawn bowls and more fun than golf.

Archery is accessible to all. Learn to shoot in just a few short lessons - a lack of mobility is not a problem. With special lightweight equipment and lots of fun VAL sports members as old as 80 participating every week.

If you are over 60 and club member or associate member, you are welcome to join us. If you have never used a bow and would like to try, you're welcome too.


The Veterans' Archery League

A friendly mildly competitive morning of social archery for those aged 60+. We meet every Wednesday from 9:00 am at the Troy Adams Archery Field.

Cost: $2


VAL Shooting

With 14+ archers regularly joining in, we shoot a handicap competition, starting with a PCA VAL 30/360 shoot (36 arrows over 30 metres, on 80 cm  target faces) followed by morning tea and a match play knock out event.

All matches are handicapped - so anyone can win!


 It is expected that all archers will contribute to the tasks of setting-up targets before shooting and locking-up targets afterwards.  Join-in, pull your weight  - and enjoy some camaraderie in the process!


Morning tea / Chatter / Laughter

This is a very relaxed event for the retired folk. Morning tea is held in our newly refurbished and air-conditioned club house.